Finding And Working With Video Contractors On Your Upcoming Project

  • Urban Samurai Creative

Tips by Urban Samurai Creative

1. Research

Before you start hiring, you should always research all available options you have at hand. When it comes to who can best accomplish your goals for a specific project, whether it be between an internal production team or an external video production company, keep in mind what standard of quality will best suit your message. While the convenient choice may be the most tempting, doing diligent research may turn up a stronger candidate more tailored to your goals and budget. As competitive as the video production industry is, the level of quality differs greatly.

With that said, you should also have a strong idea for the kind of product you hope to make before you approach any production team. Research similar videos on Youtube and their audience reactions. Find your company’s past video materials. Look through promising production company’s portfolios. Be sure to take notes on which ones you liked and build a strong vision for your chosen production team to work off of.

2. Communicate

After you have a production company picked and an idea of what to shoot, communication will become critical.

Production companies are specialized in making videos, but they may not be experts on the topics you want to incorporate. The more you educate and communicate with your production team in advance, the better. Provide them with any branding assets (logos, fonts, colors, etc.), your research notes, and a background on your overall corporate culture and marketing strategy.

If production companies have all the information you have, it will be easier for them to achieve your shared vision because they can see your vision from where you are.

3. Review Carefully

While managing a video shoot on top of other day-to-day tasks may fill up your schedule, it’s important to remain present for your production company to maximize their efficiency. Review all in-progress materials as much as you can, especially the storyboards and rough cuts. Typically editors and storyboard artists charge by half day or full day, so revision costs will eventually add up. You want to review carefully and precisely, we usually suggest watching the video at least three times. If you have a team, compile all your revisions in one email instead of having everyone send revision in many separate emails.

Overall, keep revisions efficient and minimal, it will save you thousands in budget = more ROI.

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