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Media & Video Production Company

Urban Samurai Creative has produced a variety of work for hundreds of companies in many different mediums. We are most specialized in corporate/branded content videos. Our founder has worked a range of projects from major network TV shows to a small business profiles. With his lead and experience, our clients can rest assured their project will be in good hands. Here are some samples from just a few of the companies we’ve worked with.

  • Commercial/Branded Content


    You may be wondering how you can elevate your brand in the current sea of online video content. Well, not to worry. Urban Samurai Creative has a decade of video and marketing experience to maximize the scope of your projects and hone your brand vision.

  • Corporate Video


    Need to bring your training or explainer video to the next level? Just request a look at our samples. From mom-and-pop nonprofits to tech giants like Intuit, Google, and Facebook, we’ve helped elevate engagement for communications teams across the Bay Area.

  • Event/AV/Live Streaming


    Planning an event? Don’t underestimate the utility of your event video coverage. In-house, point-and-shoot videography can get you so far, but hiring a team of experts to boost the technical and aesthetic look of your event footage will help it shine for your hopeful audience.

  • Documentary


    With a decade of experience in reality and documentary television, we’ve seen it all. We are ready to bring your story to life, at any stage from conceptualization to post-production.

  • Drone/Aerial


    Drones are no longer just toys. In the hands of artists equipped with the technology, experience, and vision, outstanding aerial video is more convenient than ever. Luckily, Urban Samurai Creative is the exact team of artists you need.

  • Post Production/Editing


    If you have the footage and idea you want, but aren’t quite sure how to take it across the finish line yet, we’re here to help! Whether you need simple assembly, color-correction, or graphics, we have all the skills required to bring your project to life.

  • Live Stream


    Running a Live Stream can be a technical nightmare, but Urban Samurai Creative is here to guide you through the steps to a flawless production. We provide you with the tools and know-how to achieve true, professional quality streams.

  • A virtual video crew at your convenience



    Remote video production kit from Urban Samurai Creative.

    Our Remote Crew is the remote video production kit that comes fully equipped with everything you could need for your video project and streaming.




    In these abnormal times we live in, there are new factors that we need to consider in our clients’ best interests. Health and safety, for one, is now a much more prevalent concern for video producers and clients as they think about how to develop a project. Merely merging outside social circles in any sort of gathering can be a cause for concern, but that, coupled with some basic necessities of productions like the lack of masks on talent, exchange of equipment between crew, and need for indoor shoots, means that despite adhering to industry-standard safety protocols, there is still an element of risk to in-person video production, however minor.

    We’ve seen how those fears have affected not only crew size for projects in general, but also the rate at which clients are willing to organize sets at all. Needless to say, convenience is harder to come by nowadays, and that has directly affected our clients’ biggest concern: how to achieve the best looking footage with the least amount of crew. Thankfully, with our twelve years of customer-driven problem solving here at Urban Samurai, we feel we have a product that can address this concern and offer that quality service. Introducing remote video production!

Our Approach

Urban Samurai Creative prides ourselves to be a full-service video production company, but we will assist our clients at any stage of production needed. Whether at an individual step, or seeing a project all the way to fruition, we will listen to your needs.

  • Branded Content Videos Sunnyvale


    First, we learn about you and your goals, then collaborate on a video strategy aimed at driving results.

  • Commercials Sunnyvale


    Next, we take that strategy and break down the logistical requirements for completing your video project.

  • Corporate Video Production Sunnyvale


    After we made a plan and set a date, we hit the ground running. Our vetted crew will get the shots that move the needle.

  • Remote Video Production Kit


    On this final stage, we utilize editing, color correction, motion graphics, and audio design to mold the footage into your vision.