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私たちは、大企業 (Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Netapp, EA sportsなど)から中小企業に至るまで、様々な企業にご要望に応じた映像を制作し、提供しています。

「1分の動画コンテンツには、Webサイト3,600ページ分の情報量がある」と言われています。動画マーケティングは現代のビジネスに欠かせなくなりました。 しかし、十分な効果を得るためには、映像制作技術だけではなくマーケティング戦略も求められます。

私たちの映像制作は、あなたのビジネスへの想いを共有することからはじまります。 あなたの想いを十分に理解したうえで、本場で培った映像制作技術とマーケティング戦略に基づき映像を制作。あなたの想いを最大限に映像に込め、世界中の視聴者へ効果的にお届けします。

  • Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania
    Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania
    Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania
    Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania


  • Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania
    Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania
    Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania


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  • Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania
    Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania
    Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania


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  • Marketing Campaigns Pennsylvania


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あなたのビジネスの未来を、我々クリエイティブ SAMURAIと共に切り開いてみませんか?



I worked with Yuki and his team for about 5 years, assisting me with dozens of videos for Intuit. He was able to take our requirement wish list, current brand voice, and set us up for success through inquisitive pre-production and solidly capable production. Solution-oriented, Yuki and his team were quick to knock down common challenges, align with the energy and spirit of our team, and make the work fun - on a consistent basis.

~ Scott Caplener

Intuit Producer


Yuki is just amazing -- super professional, very friendly, and he and his team go above and beyond. We loved their work and would definitely work with them again!

~ Joanna Jones

CEO, Founder, InterQ Research


I have worked as an editor and motion graphic designer on Yuki’s team at Urban Samurai Creative for nearly five years. During that time we have worked for some of the biggest clients in technology, retail and finance, including Google, Black Rock, Samsung, and Intuit. If there is one thing that Yuki stresses is it service. Service comes first at Urban Samurai Creative! Everybody on Yuki’s team is obsessed with client relations and client happiness. If the client is not happy, we’re not happy. Yuki makes sure of it.

~ Zack Bell

Senior Motion Graphic Designer Roku, INC


“I reached out to Urban Samurai Creative for a project about a week beforehand. He was very diligent with communicating with me before the shoot so I had no worries leading up for the day of. He was professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend working with Yuki.”

~ Kat Alpi

“I had a shoot in SF a few months ago, and didn't know anyone in the bay area. Now Urban Samurai Creative is the only company I need to know... The Urban Samurai Creative team handled our commercial shoot from start to finish, and it was a blast working with them - Thanks Yuki! “

~ Zach Wechter

Executive producer


“I honestly don't know what else to say except that Yuki is the freakin' man. He's my first call any time I have projects shooting in SF.”

~ Rich Salmaone

Executive Producer


“Our company has used Yuki and his crew at Urban Samurai Creative for all our TV advertising and digital video work over the past 6+ years. Their work is top quality, they are extremely professional, and they provide helpful input in the creative process. They have a knack for getting the best from their talent, be that experienced celebrities or inexperienced amateurs, and it shows in the finished product. I highly recommend this company, and will certainly continue to use them.

~ Richard Allum

Director of Marketing, Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria


Yuki is a true professional and always makes everyone laugh. He excellent at multitasking and works well under pressure. We have been working together for years, and I have had the pleasure of seeing this first hand!

~ Nikol Elaine

Yuki is the best! He is a total professional, and can help with any production. Highly recommend contacting him!

~ Benjamin Crump

"I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Yuki! He is an expert in his craft and a true professional! He always provides exceptional service and radiates positivity. There is nothing Yuki can't do and he does it all with unmatched grace and efficiency!"

~ Heather Tahl



Working with Urban Samurai Creative (Yuki and Andrew, specifically) was amazing. We are a video production and branding agency who rarely do our own video shoots, so venturing into filming on site was completely new to us. Yuki not only did an amazing job with filming (the days were LONG and the shoots were difficult) but he also guided us through the entire process from pre-production to scheduling. I can't imagine working with someone else (though he came highly referred by a trusted source). We will 100% be using Urban Samurai Creative as our go-to crew from here on out. Thank you, Yuki!

~ Emily Nardone

Yuki genuinely cares about providing excellent service and making sure the client is satisfied. He helped me out by providing and overseeing professional camera operators and gear for a multi-day video shoot for a high-profile client. His attention to detail was both necessary and impressive. We had a tight turnaround and I'm not sure if we would have been able to pull it off without his management and good humor. Highly recommended.

~ Jason LaBatt

Yuki and his team were amazing! They made planning for our video easy and seamless. Their service, attention to detail, and level of professionalism was above and beyond. The final video product was even better than expected. Thank you Urban Samurai!

~ Dennis Frantzen
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