Drone/Aerial Video Service

Drones have evolved far beyond mere toys, becoming powerful tools for capturing breathtaking visuals from the sky. In the hands of skilled artists armed with cutting-edge technology and creative prowess, aerial videography services have reached new heights of convenience and excellence. At Urban Samurai Creative, we embody this fusion of artistry and technology, offering unparalleled drone videography services that will leave you awe-inspired.

Urban Samurai Creative proudly presents an extensive array of Drone Videography Services that redefine the possibilities of storytelling. Our team of seasoned professionals harnesses the potential of unmanned aerial videography services systems to craft mesmerizing narratives from above with our drone videography services. With an unwavering commitment to precision and innovation, our drone videography services ensure that every frame tells a compelling story, painting the skies with cinematic brilliance.

Experience the world from a fresh perspective with our Aerial Videography Services. Urban Samurai Creative embraces the spirit of adventure, capturing stunning vistas and dynamic landscapes with finesse and flair. Our skilled artisans masterfully pilot drones to encapsulate fleeting moments and vast panoramas alike, producing visuals that resonate with emotion and grandeur.

Drones are no longer just toys. In the hands of artists equipped with the technology, experience, and vision, outstanding aerial video is more convenient than ever. Luckily, Urban Samurai Creative is the exact team of artists you need.


Happy Client Review


Working with Urban Samurai Creative (Yuki and Andrew, specifically) was amazing. We are a video production and branding agency who rarely do our own video shoots, so venturing into filming on-site was completely new to us. Yuki not only did an amazing job with filming (the days were LONG and the shoots were difficult) but he also guided us through the entire process from pre-production to scheduling. I can't imagine working with someone else (though he came highly referred by a trusted source). We will 100% be using Urban Samurai Creative as our go-to crew from here on out. Thank you, Yuki!

~ Emily Nardone

Yuki genuinely cares about providing excellent service and making sure the client is satisfied. He helped me out by providing and overseeing professional camera operators and gear for a multi-day video shoot for a high-profile client. His attention to detail was both necessary and impressive. We had a tight turnaround and I'm not sure if we would have been able to pull it off without his management and good humor. Highly recommended.

~ Jason LaBatt