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Making a ripple in the sea of corporate videos isn’t always easy. You’re not just competing with other businesses in your field; you’re also up against the hordes of other media distractions that vie for your audience’s undivided attention. In short, the quality of your corporate video production determines the level of public engagement you can expect.

1. Prep, Prep, and Prep

Most companies hire local video production agencies to create the videos that you need. However, picking the one that works for you is very important. Don’t just hire your nephew that has a video camera. Do your research. Look through companies’ and their past works to find an agency that suits your needs. Ask them questions about their experience, what they can do for you, and about their costs.

Once you pick the production company, that is not the end. You may have picked the best production company to achieve your vision, but they are not experts of your company’s messaging, culture, or strategy. YOU ARE the expert. You must be able to thoroughly communicate your goals so that they can come up with the best possible product. Research sample videos that have a look and feel similar to what you are seeking. Teach them your company’s core values, strategy, branding guidelines, culture, and past materials. If the production company doesn’t have the full scope of your vision, they will not be able to create what you are looking for.

2. Concentrate on Your Objective

Top corporate videos have cohesive messages, and this is due in no small to detailed planning. Decide what you’ll say before you get in front of the camera and stick to the script. You don’t want to wing it during a real shoot.

This is the time to set your tone. Skip the overbearing buzzwords, but don’t lapse too far into casual vernacular. Good corporate videos strike a rapport with viewers, so decide how to address yours in an accessible fashion.

3. Don’t Bury the “Meat”

While teasers and other promises of future value work great in Hollywood, they generally miss the mark in corporate videos. Instead of making viewers suffer through an army of secondary details to find the meat of your video, introduce the point early and reinforce it often.

Your main topic should be the primary reason people view your content. Letting audiences know what they’re in for heightens interest and foster organic search results. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with introducing a topic briefly and then explaining other related details before returning to the main substance, but in general, try to avoid obscuring the intent of your video.

What to leave in and what to leave out is always difficult for any kind of video production. One can easily go over budget in the attempt to squeeze in more content than resources and time allow. If this happens and there is no wiggle room in the budget, then you may outright not be able to get all the information you had wanted in the first place. Most companies working with local video production agencies hire additional hands such as consultants or location scouts to get advice on rates and time estimates. The number of people you need to hire can add up if the video production company’s pool of resources and network is limited. Be upfront with the video production company regarding flat rates, overtime rates, location services, and other unexpected expenses that might arise during production.

4. Support Your Claims

Including evidence is key to making corporate videos that viewers actually trust. Whether you mention a study and link to it in the video description or use motion infographics to visualize a point, you should make it clear how real data backs up what you want to get across.

This is another area where the importance of editing corporate video becomes apparent. Raw data isn’t always interesting, but combining stats with a unique presentation or supportive footage will help you deliver a message more effectively.

5. Don’t Overlook Production Value

A very small percentage of the population has gone to film school, but anyone can spot the difference between amateur video and professionally-shot footage. The key to make your corporate video authoritative, engaging, and professional lies in proper lighting and sound.

What looks good to human eyes doesn’t always translate to the eye of a camera. Camera sensors rely on good lighting to create images with uniform, consistent colors from one frame to the next. Even in sunny daylight, videographers require tools like reflectors to avoid funky shadows or highlights that video cameras might exaggerate.

Also remember that microphones are designed to pick up a broad range of different sound frequencies equally. Haphazard mic placement can drown out your talent’s voice with environmental background noise or produce scratchy, unusable audio. Investing in the fundamentals of good audio and video capture is the most critical way to avoid problems you won’t be able to edit out.

6. Tell a Story

Even if brief or subtle, a narrative tie to your video will make it more memorable. Whether you’re aiming to really tug at someone’s heartstrings or inspire people with a noble message, storytelling really drives the point home.

7. Include a Call to Action

Finally, don’t just halt your video abruptly. If the audience has been paying attention, you’ve already demonstrated the value of your brand and its message. Now it’s time for an impactful conclusion.

Good corporate videos finish with value propositions that foster further engagement. Even if you simply end things with your name and logo or information about a bargain you’re promoting, you should make it easy for people to connect with your brand.

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