What To Wear During The Video Shoot

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Tips by Urban Samurai Creative

One question we get asked all the time before a shoot: “What should I wear?” Always think about engagement. Your wardrobe choices should always help you reach your audience, not distract them. When you look and feel great on camera, your audience will more likely focus on whatever you’re trying to communicate instead of that wrinkled, plaid shirt.

Here are some tips for “What to Wear” and “What NOT to Wear.”

What to Wear: Wardrobe Tips to Help You Look Your Best:

  1. Wear nicely fitted clothes that are well pressed and wrinkle-free.
  2. Stick to solid colors that work with your skin tone.
  3. Darker blues, magentas, and browns are all good. 
  4. Wear a blue or off-white dress shirt instead of bright white. White can easily look overexposed on camera.
  5. Dark navy suits are great on men.
  6. Sheath-fitted dresses are an excellent choice for many women.
  7. Wear knee-length socks. If you cross your legs, you don’t want bare skin to show and distract your audience.
  8. Color shirts under dark suits are OK.
  9. Bring an alternate outfit in case your first choice doesn’t look good on camera.

NO, NO, NO – 9 Deadly Mistakes to AVOID on Camera:

  1. AVOID all busy, repeating patterns like herringbone, thin stripes, or busy, repeating patterns (even on ties). They “vibrate” on camera and are distracting to audiences.
  2. Avoid deep blacks, bright whites, and nude tones. They will cause lighting problems.
  3. Don’t wear bright green shirts. They give your skin an unhealthy-looking pallor. Green clothing will also not turn out if you shoot with a green screen.
  4. Avoid large areas of bright red, which can ‘bleed’ on camera.
  5. Avoid loose, billowy, or wrinkled clothes as they can come off unflattering.
  6. Don’t wear bright undershirts. It can show through your clothing while under harsh, TV lights.
  7. Avoid scarves and turtlenecks. They can muffle your audio or rub on your microphone.
  8. Avoid excessive jewelry, especially jewelry that will catch the glare of lights or jangle noisily.
  9. Avoid light-colored t-shirts. These can make it difficult to hide the microphone.
  10. Avoid wearing  black shirts under black jackets. This will also impact the lighting negatively.

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