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In these unusual times we live in, there are new factors that we need to consider in our clients’ best interests. Social distancing is a dramatic change to every aspect of our lives, and when it comes to corporate video production, it may be the most important factor when our clients determine whether to proceed with a project or not.

Thankfully, to keep up with these new protocols and concerns, we offer three, COVID-safe video solutions for clients to choose from:

1.Socially Distant Camera Shoot:

This is the best option for high quality footage. Just like a regular shoot, our crew comes to location and builds the camera(s), lights, audio, greenscreen, and/or teleprompter on-site. After setting up, we station ourselves outside of the set throughout the duration of filming. We remotely dial in settings and record the footage from a safe distance away, then break down our equipment once the talent has left set. The main objective is to limit our crew’s exposure with as many client personnel as possible.

A social distance shoot comes with all the bells and whistles of a traditional production while reducing concerns of cross-interaction.

Examples below:  

  • Our remote station.
  • Green screen sample.
  • Non-green screen sample.
  • Tips by Urban Samurai Creative
  • Tips by Urban Samurai Creative
  • Tips by Urban Samurai Creative

2. Remote Crew Kit:

The Remote Crew is an all-in-one, video solution built with safety and convenience in mind. Once you receive the Remote Crew and plug in power and ethernet, all you need to do is press one, easy button, and our crew will handle the rest. We guide the clients through any adjustments and dial in camera, lights, audio, teleprompter, and livestream settings — all remotely. The Remote Crew comes fitted with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (outputting to 4K DCI 12bit Blackmagic RAW for color correction), F1.7 lens, and complimentary pocket lights to reduce camera noise, sharpen images, and achieve a more cinematic quality than webcam/cellphone solutions.

The Remote Crew provides the best balance between strong video and maintaining maximum social distance.

Examples below: (Remote Crew Kit and Sample photo)

  • Tips by Urban Samurai Creative
  • Tips by Urban Samurai Creative

For detail: Please follow the link below.

Remote Video Kit | Remote Crew

3. Cellphone Kit:

We send our simple tripod/mic package to the client and guide setup through video conferencing. We do oversee the process to get as good footage as possible, but it is very limited with lighting of the location and capacity of phones. We typically go through quite bit of noise reduction and color correction to look presentable.

How to Set Up:

How to Set Up #2:

Sample Photos

  • Tips by Urban Samurai Creative
  • Tips by Urban Samurai Creative
  • Tips by Urban Samurai Creative

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